Halloween Decorations Your Kids Will Love

Halloween decorations are a big deal in my family. We all love Halloween. When I think of Halloween I think of pumpkins, ghosts, trick or treating and candy. I don’t like the yucky gory part of Halloween. We have parties and invite their friends over to do crafts. Now that they’re getting a little older, […]

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Halloween Decorations Your Kids Will Love


Halloween decorations are a big deal in my family. We all love Halloween. When I think of Halloween I think of pumpkins, ghosts, trick or treating and candy. I don’t like the yucky gory part of Halloween. We have parties and invite their friends over to do crafts. Now that they’re getting a little older, they can do some bigger kid projects. I’m happy to share these ideas so...

Halloween decorations are a big deal in my family. We all love Halloween. When I think of Halloween I think of pumpkins, ghosts, trick or treating and candy. I don’t like the yucky gory part of Halloween.

We have parties and invite their friends over to do crafts. Now that they’re getting a little older, they can do some bigger kid projects. I’m happy to share these ideas so everyone can see what they can do to spend time with their kids and make some Halloween decorations at the same time.


Boys carrying pumpkins on their way to a pumpkin-carving party.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, second to Christmas. It’s a huge deal for my kids. My youngest insists on decorating starting at the end of August. He starts getting really crazy for Halloween. My oldest has a birthday in September, so I always beg him to wait until after his birthday.

Some of the crafts we do can be done in a few minutes, while others might take a couple days to complete. I like to make sure that we have some quick projects to hold the attention of the kids so they can have the satisfaction of seeing a completed project right away. But there are some more complex projects that are more challenging for older kids. They might want something that they can spend more time on. Regardless of their age, they can enjoy seeing the end results.

Repurpose wooden spoons into Halloween decorations

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive decoration, paint some wooden spoons from your kitchen. You can buy craft paint from Michaels and paint them. The design is easy. They’re just ovals and triangles. You can do them or your kids can do them. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to make. You can put them in planter boxes and line your driveway with them, or you can stick them in the grass. I have mine in a watering can. You can also hang them from your porch rafters. If you hang them close together, they’ll clank in the wind.

halloween decorations spoons repurpose ghost jack-o-lantern pumpkin fall

Make Jack-O-Lanterns or ghosts from wooden spoons or other things around your home.

Clear off an area and line it with newspapers or paper towels. Get a little bottle of waterbased acrylic craft paint from Michaels, Joann‘s or Walmart. It’s usually less than a dollar for the paint. Paint the entire spoon white if you’re doing a ghost, or orange if you’re doing a pumpkin. Let it dry. Use a paint marker or sharpie and draw in the face. You can make a spooky face, or a friendly smiley face.

Turn leftover scraps into festive Halloween decorations

I like using up all the little leftover wood scraps from previous projects. These were little pieces that most people would discard because they’re so small. Most of these wood scraps are left over from signs I made.

halloween decorations fall-autumn-decor-pumpkin-twine-repurpose-reuse

Here’s a rustic Halloween decoration you can gift away.

I thought this would make a fun fall and pumpkin theme so I painted them all orange. Then I decorated it with some twine and berries that I got from a rummage sale. I pulled the berries off a wreath. This is an inexpensive project that you can make. It’s simple. You only need some wood, twine and a decoration to put on top. You could use green ribbon to make it look like the vine of a pumpkin. Or you could use raffia or some leaves. These are easily available at Michaels or Joann’s.


Supplies you’ll need to make a rustic gift stack.

Transform old jars into candy corn Halloween decorations

This is another quick and easy project to do. It’s very simple. Save a jar from pasta sauce or jarred peaches or something like that. Wash them out, dry them and then use blue painter’s tape to tape off one third of the jar. Then paint the solid white for the top. This is to make it look like candy corn. After the white is dry, you can tape off the bottom section and paint the middle section orange. And then paint the bottom section yellow. It might take two to three coats of paint to cover the glass.

candy-corn-mason-jars-harvest-decor halloween decorations

Reuse Mason jars as Halloween decorations

After it’s dry, I use a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand over the areas that are raised, such as the name of the jar or on the ridge where the top screws on. I distress it a little to make it look used and worn. Then to finish it off, make a bow with some twine. You can also use a colorful ribbon in yellow or orange. I prefer rustic so I used twine.

You can put these on a mantle or on your front porch with a tealight inside it. You can also use these on an end table or coffee table. Or you can put this in a wood centerpiece box on a table.

Use old fabric to create Halloween decorations

Another easy project to do is to take a piece of string or twine for the length of the garland you want to make. I usually do 4′ garlands, but this was a special order for a friend who wanted a 9′ garland. She wanted black and orange for Halloween. I like to use a combination of fabrics with some solid colors. I also recommend using a printed fabric that has both of those colors. This one was all cotton fabric, but you can also tie in some tulle netting.

To begin, cut or rip strips of fabric. I like to do them about 1/2″ by about 5″. I tie a knot around the string and then the fabric hangs down. Then I push all the fabric together tight. This gives you a nice full-looking garland. That’s all it takes. It’s really simple.

Kids can help out with tearing the strips of fabric and they can tie the knots. They can also measure the string. If you want to practice math, you can help kids sort the fabric into groups. You can teach them the patterns by alternating the different fabrics. You can have them put them in order of sequence of black, orange and then a pattern strip. So this is a fun and educational project as well.

banner-garland-fall-wall-decor halloween decorations

Make a Halloween garland with fabric scraps.

A lot of people like to hang garlands over their mantle, but this one is hanging on a trellis. I also like to use frames that are empty with no glass. You can paint the frame black and then hang the garland across the frame. In the front of the frame, you can add jars or pumpkins. It looks really cute. You can also pin garlands on your front door to welcome trick or treaters.

Date a piece of wood to create a Halloween decoration

A friend sent me an inspirational picture from Pinterest. She wanted me to make this sign. I found some wood and cut it into a square shape, although it would work just as well on any shape. I painted it all white and let it dry. Then I distressed it and painted on the 31, and made a squiggly line with the spider coming down from the top. Then I drew in the spider webs and OCTOBER. Then I distressed all the lettering with 100 grit sandpaper.

31-spider-web-signs halloween decorations

Decorate your home with spiders and webs.

String together a BOO-tiful message

I like this project because it utilizes different pieces of scrap wood that I have left over from different projects. I gather up all my scraps and make them the same size. These are about 2″ x 3″. I use craft paint to paint them all white. I let them dry. Then I painted little orange dots. You can also use a foam pouncer to make the dots. Or if you want to take this to another level, you can create a stamp from a potato. Cut away part of the potato until there’s only a circle left. Dip the potato into the paint and stamp it on the blocks. You can also let the kids dip their fingertips into the paint so it’s their fingerprints all over it. If can be fun for kids to get their hands all messy like this. My youngest son loves dipping his hands in paint.

boo-sign-wood-blocks halloween decorations

Make a BOO-tiful sign for Halloween.

When that’s dry, you can use a sharpie or a paint marker to write BOO on the blocks. If you don’t have a stencil, then handwriting looks works perfectly well. I used a stencil here, but with kids they can hand write the letters on the blocks. After that’s dry, I get about 100 grit sandpaper and rub around the edges to distress it. To hang it, I get a ribbon I like. I stapled it to the back of the blocks. I do two staples on each one, one at the top and bottom of the back of each block.

Even though this appears to be a simple project, it’s an opportunity for kids to learn a variety of different skills such as, painting, writing letters, stapling, and using sandpaper. These are learning moments. Kids get insight into all the steps and waiting that go into this sort of project.These skills are transferable to many other areas of their lives.

Welcome trick or treaters with big signs

This was a special order for a customer who wanted big TRICK and TREAT signs for her front porch. My neighbor was clearing out their garage. They were getting rid of these big boards, so I asked them if I could have them. About a week later an order came in for these signs and I was able to use them. I painted them black with waterbased paint. Then I used a piece of chalk to write out TRICK and TREAT to make sure that the spacing would be even. Chalk is very forgiving so if it’s not quite right, you can erase the chalk before you commit to paint. Once I get the letters outlined in chalk, I fill it in with paint. On a project this big, I would definitely use paint instead of markers. Otherwise, you’d go through a lot of markers.

signs-trick-treat-harvest-fall- halloween decorations

Welcome trick or treaters with Halloween porch signs.

You can paint on the backside of these to turn around for another season. On the other side you can use words like HAPPY HOLIDAYS or MERRY CHRISTMAS and keep them on your front porch. By painting different things on the other sides of the boards, your Halloween decorations can transform and last for months through fall and into winter.

Chalk up a spooky message board

I love doing chalkboard art. This is really fun for kids because they can come up with any picture on the chalkboard. You can make a different picture every day if you want. One day you can do a pumpkin, another day a ghost, and another day a spider web. Kids can keep playing with it over and over.

I’ve made lots of chalkboards. I make three kinds depending on what medium I have. It has to be a very smooth surface to work.

I like to use glass for my chalkboards. This was a photo frame that had glass in it. I used chalkboard paint on the back of the glass and on the front I used white chalkboard markers. I also like to use bold color markers. Glass chalkboards clean up easily with a damp cloth. They don’t leave any ghosting of prior images or words.

trick-or-treat-spiders-spiderweb-bats-chalkboard halloween decorations

Chalk up a Halloween message for trick or treaters.

The second kind are framed paintings. Sometimes at a garage sale I’ll buy framed art. I paint right on the canvas with chalkboard paint. The canvas becomes the chalkboard.

A third type is flat wood. Sometimes I’ll get flat wood, cover it in chalkboard paint, and insert it into the back of a decorative frame.

Light up Halloween with a flameless candle

For this project, you only need five pieces: a board, some paint, a soup ladle, a flameless candle, and something to decorate it. I used a berry garland. The board I used here was a facing of a drawer from someone’s kitchen. They remodeled their kitchen and let me take all the wood. I dismantled the front of the drawer and saved it. I love being able to do wall decor like this where I can reuse something that would have gone to a landfill.

The first thing you need to do is paint the board. I used white paint. I did a light coat and after it was dry, I sanded most of it off.

I found this soup ladle at a garage sale. I drilled a hole into it to attach it to the wood. Kids would definitely need help to drill a hole in the ladle and attach it with a screw. If you don’t have a drill you can look for a ladle that already has a hole for hanging. Then you can do this with a screwdriver instead of a drill. I chose an off-white flameless candle because it will work just about any time of the year. You can use a little garland or decoration and it would be perfect any time of the year because the garland is just wrapped around the candle. You can change it out for any holiday or simply match your home decor.

ladle-spoon-repurpose-wall-decor-candles-fall halloween decorations

Light up Halloween with a flameless candle decoration.

Paint a pumpkin that stays fresh for years

This a good piece for people who like a rustic look for a farm house or country cottage theme. It’s old wood that came from my neighbor’s shed. The brown paint on the board was the original color of the shed. They were tearing down an old shed. I was able to take their wood and reuse it. I put the boards together and sanded it down. Then I painted the pumpkin on it and hot glued the rope to outline the pumpkin.

pumpkin-wood-sign-rope-harvest-restoration-illumination halloween decorations

Harvest a pumpkin that will last for years.

This is a good project to teach kids about repurposing. The way I got these materials was by reaching out to neighbors on Nextdoor. You can reach out on social media when you have needs. That way, you’re getting to know your neighbors and you’re also reminding them that there are people who can use stuff they no longer want, that they would otherwise throw away.

Most people are happy to give away things that are going to be hauled away as garbage. This a good learning opportunity to do with with your kids. It also helps them to realize that you don’t have to go out and spend money to do craft projects. You can get most of the materials for free while saving the environment at the same time.

I put this message out on Nextdoor letting my neighbors know that I’ll haul away old fence boards, shutters, cabinet doors and drawers.


I also use Craigslist to put out notices for things that I can repurpose such as shutters, doors and old fences.

These are all fun family-friendly ideas for Halloween decorations. Kids of all ages can enjoy these crafts. Plus it’s a great way to spend time together while creating unique homemade decorations that can last for years.


Having fun at Micky’s Halloween party at Disneyland

Tami Shidawara-Vazquez is a mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley. She considers herself a junker who loves shabby chic and French Cottage design. She also likes farmhouse style, especially for kitchens. She enjoys creating decorations that pull everything together. She loves holidays and creating custom decorations. She’d love to make a custom decoration for you. Contact her now to enquire about your own custom project.



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