Valentines Day – My Top 10 Favorite Pinterest Pins

If you’re like me, the last 3 months of the year take me by surprise.  It comes and goes so fast I feel like if I blink I miss it.  Then New Year’s comes and it’s time to put away all the Christmas decorations and yes, start planning for Valentines Day.  I admit I still have some Christmas stuff waiting to be boxed up and I haven’t even made my New Year’s Resolutions yet. But I gotta start thinking about Valentines Day or like every other holiday and event it will be here sooner than I think and catch me by surprise.  It’s actually a miracle that I’m writing this Valentines Day post in January. LOL.

As difficult as it was I have narrowed down my top 10 favorite Valentine’s Day pins from Pinterest. I’ve chosen decor like signs and banners, treats like cupcakes, valentines card ideas with a healthy alternative to candy as well as a Pokemon option since my kids love Pokemon. There’s also a super cute photography idea for your kiddos too.  Take a look and enjoy.  Hope these inspire you to make some of your own Valentine’s day projects.  If you’re too busy like most of us are, you can always message me to make a custom gift idea or treat.

#1  Rustic Wood Signs

I love distressed wood signs and hearts.  Put them together and I’m swooning.  These are pinned from The Unpolished Barn.  These are adorable and fairly easy to make.  They could also be made in a rectangular shape making it easier to make, and staple the twine on the back if you don’t have a drill and saw to cut the angles.  If you prefer to order some custom signs, msg me to make custom signs


Rustic Wood Blocks with hearts for Valentines Day from the Unpolished Barn
Rustic Wood Blocks that say I LOVE YOU from the Unpolished Barn

#2  Chocolate Cupcakes with Berries

Don’t these look amazing?  These yummy cupcakes are pinned from the I want to whip up a batch right now.  My favorite combination:  Chocolate and berries. Place your order by Feb. 4th for local pickup.  Valentines Day Special $14 for 1 dz.  These would be so nice for co-workers, teachers, classmates, neighbors, most everybody.

Valentines Day Treats Chocolate Cupcakes with berry frosting, mint and chocolate hearts
Don’t these look amazing!

#3 Wreaths made with Felt

I’d love to have this hanging on my front door.  Absolutely adorable wreath pinned from  I love the simplicity of this wreath and it looks fairly easy to make as well.  Wouldn’t this also be a great gift for your child’s teacher?

Valentines-Day-Wreath-with Felt -Pink-and-Red-Hearts-and-Twine
Felt Heart Wreath

#4 What a CUTIE idea

I’m all for any non-candy Valentines.  We never finish off our Halloween Candy and when we get more candy for Valentines Day it makes me crazy.  I know, I know the kids love it, but as a mom of two young boys,  I gotta sneak these healthy alternatives in when I can.  This really is a CUTIE idea LOL. Pinned from Fab n Free.

Non Candy Valentine that is CUTE

#5 Pokemon Valentine

My boys are all about Pokemon, anything pokemon they just love.  They cannot get enough of it.  And their friends are the same way.  So this seems to be perfect for one more non candy option for Valentine’s Day. Pinned from

Catch this Pokemon Valentine

#6 Twine Wrapped Candles for Romantic Table Decor

Quick and easy table decor.  Pinned from WooHome  This would be an great project to do with the kids.  All you need is a candle, you could buy them from  Pottery Barn , twine , glue and felt from a craft store such as Michael’s


White-Candles-with-twine trim-and-Red-Hearts
Candles to light up your Valentines Day

#7 Repurposed Book Pages

I love repurposing books.  This is such a fun banner pinned from Somewhere In The Middle.  I love mixing burlap and paper on banners.  These hearts make this absolutely “love”able .  This is another project that you could do with the kiddos or on your own.  Burlap, twine, book pages and some glue is all you really need to make this banner.  You could also sew the top if you have a machine and know how to use it. (unlike me) ha!!

Repurposed Book Pages

#8 Photography Idea

A photo idea that will take your breath away.  Use this as a Valentine’s Day Card or to post on your own Instagram or Facebook pages.  This is pinned from  I love these creative photos.  This is easily done by cutting out paper hearts of different sizes and tape them on your wall at the height of your child’s mouth and then go up.  Have your child put their hands up and blow a kiss and snap away!

Photo Ideas that will take your breath away

#9 Wood Distressed Sign

I love signs that are distressed like this one pinned from  Simple and very sweet.  You could make the background color to match your decor and the heart your favorite color.  Signs are great, you can custom make them to say whatever you like.

I Love Us – Wood Sign

#10 Mantle Display

I saved this for #10 (pinned from random thoughts from an incoherent mind)  because it has so many of my favorite things.  Framed mirror, hearts, banners, lanterns, pillows, etc.  Mantles are great opportunities to show off your favorite decorations and can easily fantastic  way to personalize your living space to reflect your personality.

Mantle Display for Valentines Day

#11 Bonus Pin,  Fabric Red Wreath

I know I said top 10, but I have so many favorites that I had to add just one more pin from The Idea Room. To see all my  other favorites be sure to follow my Valentines Day pinterest board here.   I hope this inspires you to make a few decorations and treats for your home or feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to create a beautiful piece for you.

To stay up to date on what I’m working on, follow me on Instagram and facebook.  And for fabulous ideas for your home, holidays and life hacks follow me on Pinterest.

Thank you for reading and please share if you enjoyed this post or know someone who would.

Fabric Heart Wreath

Halloween decorations are a big deal in my family. We all love Halloween. When I think of Halloween I think of pumpkins, ghosts, trick or treating and candy. I don’t like the yucky gory part of Halloween.

We have parties and invite their friends over to do crafts. Now that they’re getting a little older, they can do some bigger kid projects. I’m happy to share these ideas so everyone can see what they can do to spend time with their kids and make some Halloween decorations at the same time.

Boys carrying pumpkins on their way to a pumpkin-carving party.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, second to Christmas. It’s a huge deal for my kids. My youngest insists on decorating starting at the end of August. He starts getting really crazy for Halloween. My oldest has a birthday in September, so I always beg him to wait until after his birthday.

Some of the crafts we do can be done in a few minutes, while others might take a couple days to complete. I like to make sure that we have some quick projects to hold the attention of the kids so they can have the satisfaction of seeing a completed project right away. But there are some more complex projects that are more challenging for older kids. They might want something that they can spend more time on. Regardless of their age, they can enjoy seeing the end results.

Repurpose wooden spoons into Halloween decorations

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive decoration, paint some wooden spoons from your kitchen. You can buy craft paint from Michaels and paint them. The design is easy. They’re just ovals and triangles. You can do them or your kids can do them. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to make. You can put them in planter boxes and line your driveway with them, or you can stick them in the grass. I have mine in a watering can. You can also hang them from your porch rafters. If you hang them close together, they’ll clank in the wind.

halloween decorations spoons repurpose ghost jack-o-lantern pumpkin fall
Make Jack-O-Lanterns or ghosts from wooden spoons or other things around your home.

Clear off an area and line it with newspapers or paper towels. Get a little bottle of waterbased acrylic craft paint from Michaels, Joann‘s or Walmart. It’s usually less than a dollar for the paint. Paint the entire spoon white if you’re doing a ghost, or orange if you’re doing a pumpkin. Let it dry. Use a paint marker or sharpie and draw in the face. You can make a spooky face, or a friendly smiley face.

Turn leftover scraps into festive Halloween decorations

I like using up all the little leftover wood scraps from previous projects. These were little pieces that most people would discard because they’re so small. Most of these wood scraps are left over from signs I made.

halloween decorations fall-autumn-decor-pumpkin-twine-repurpose-reuse
Here’s a rustic Halloween decoration you can gift away.

I thought this would make a fun fall and pumpkin theme so I painted them all orange. Then I decorated it with some twine and berries that I got from a rummage sale. I pulled the berries off a wreath. This is an inexpensive project that you can make. It’s simple. You only need some wood, twine and a decoration to put on top. You could use green ribbon to make it look like the vine of a pumpkin. Or you could use raffia or some leaves. These are easily available at Michaels or Joann’s.

Supplies you’ll need to make a rustic gift stack.

Transform old jars into candy corn Halloween decorations

This is another quick and easy project to do. It’s very simple. Save a jar from pasta sauce or jarred peaches or something like that. Wash them out, dry them and then use blue painter’s tape to tape off one third of the jar. Then paint the solid white for the top. This is to make it look like candy corn. After the white is dry, you can tape off the bottom section and paint the middle section orange. And then paint the bottom section yellow. It might take two to three coats of paint to cover the glass.

candy-corn-mason-jars-harvest-decor halloween decorations
Reuse Mason jars as Halloween decorations

After it’s dry, I use a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sand over the areas that are raised, such as the name of the jar or on the ridge where the top screws on. I distress it a little to make it look used and worn. Then to finish it off, make a bow with some twine. You can also use a colorful ribbon in yellow or orange. I prefer rustic so I used twine.

You can put these on a mantle or on your front porch with a tealight inside it. You can also use these on an end table or coffee table. Or you can put this in a wood centerpiece box on a table.

Use old fabric to create Halloween decorations

Another easy project to do is to take a piece of string or twine for the length of the garland you want to make. I usually do 4′ garlands, but this was a special order for a friend who wanted a 9′ garland. She wanted black and orange for Halloween. I like to use a combination of fabrics with some solid colors. I also recommend using a printed fabric that has both of those colors. This one was all cotton fabric, but you can also tie in some tulle netting.

To begin, cut or rip strips of fabric. I like to do them about 1/2″ by about 5″. I tie a knot around the string and then the fabric hangs down. Then I push all the fabric together tight. This gives you a nice full-looking garland. That’s all it takes. It’s really simple.

Kids can help out with tearing the strips of fabric and they can tie the knots. They can also measure the string. If you want to practice math, you can help kids sort the fabric into groups. You can teach them the patterns by alternating the different fabrics. You can have them put them in order of sequence of black, orange and then a pattern strip. So this is a fun and educational project as well.

banner-garland-fall-wall-decor halloween decorations
Make a Halloween garland with fabric scraps.

A lot of people like to hang garlands over their mantle, but this one is hanging on a trellis. I also like to use frames that are empty with no glass. You can paint the frame black and then hang the garland across the frame. In the front of the frame, you can add jars or pumpkins. It looks really cute. You can also pin garlands on your front door to welcome trick or treaters.

Date a piece of wood to create a Halloween decoration

A friend sent me an inspirational picture from Pinterest. She wanted me to make this sign. I found some wood and cut it into a square shape, although it would work just as well on any shape. I painted it all white and let it dry. Then I distressed it and painted on the 31, and made a squiggly line with the spider coming down from the top. Then I drew in the spider webs and OCTOBER. Then I distressed all the lettering with 100 grit sandpaper.

31-spider-web-signs halloween decorations
Decorate your home with spiders and webs.

String together a BOO-tiful message

I like this project because it utilizes different pieces of scrap wood that I have left over from different projects. I gather up all my scraps and make them the same size. These are about 2″ x 3″. I use craft paint to paint them all white. I let them dry. Then I painted little orange dots. You can also use a foam pouncer to make the dots. Or if you want to take this to another level, you can create a stamp from a potato. Cut away part of the potato until there’s only a circle left. Dip the potato into the paint and stamp it on the blocks. You can also let the kids dip their fingertips into the paint so it’s their fingerprints all over it. If can be fun for kids to get their hands all messy like this. My youngest son loves dipping his hands in paint.

boo-sign-wood-blocks halloween decorations
Make a BOO-tiful sign for Halloween.

When that’s dry, you can use a sharpie or a paint marker to write BOO on the blocks. If you don’t have a stencil, then handwriting looks works perfectly well. I used a stencil here, but with kids they can hand write the letters on the blocks. After that’s dry, I get about 100 grit sandpaper and rub around the edges to distress it. To hang it, I get a ribbon I like. I stapled it to the back of the blocks. I do two staples on each one, one at the top and bottom of the back of each block.

Even though this appears to be a simple project, it’s an opportunity for kids to learn a variety of different skills such as, painting, writing letters, stapling, and using sandpaper. These are learning moments. Kids get insight into all the steps and waiting that go into this sort of project.These skills are transferable to many other areas of their lives.

Welcome trick or treaters with big signs

This was a special order for a customer who wanted big TRICK and TREAT signs for her front porch. My neighbor was clearing out their garage. They were getting rid of these big boards, so I asked them if I could have them. About a week later an order came in for these signs and I was able to use them. I painted them black with waterbased paint. Then I used a piece of chalk to write out TRICK and TREAT to make sure that the spacing would be even. Chalk is very forgiving so if it’s not quite right, you can erase the chalk before you commit to paint. Once I get the letters outlined in chalk, I fill it in with paint. On a project this big, I would definitely use paint instead of markers. Otherwise, you’d go through a lot of markers.

signs-trick-treat-harvest-fall- halloween decorations
Welcome trick or treaters with Halloween porch signs.

You can paint on the backside of these to turn around for another season. On the other side you can use words like HAPPY HOLIDAYS or MERRY CHRISTMAS and keep them on your front porch. By painting different things on the other sides of the boards, your Halloween decorations can transform and last for months through fall and into winter.

Chalk up a spooky message board

I love doing chalkboard art. This is really fun for kids because they can come up with any picture on the chalkboard. You can make a different picture every day if you want. One day you can do a pumpkin, another day a ghost, and another day a spider web. Kids can keep playing with it over and over.

I’ve made lots of chalkboards. I make three kinds depending on what medium I have. It has to be a very smooth surface to work.

I like to use glass for my chalkboards. This was a photo frame that had glass in it. I used chalkboard paint on the back of the glass and on the front I used white chalkboard markers. I also like to use bold color markers. Glass chalkboards clean up easily with a damp cloth. They don’t leave any ghosting of prior images or words.

trick-or-treat-spiders-spiderweb-bats-chalkboard halloween decorations
Chalk up a Halloween message for trick or treaters.

The second kind are framed paintings. Sometimes at a garage sale I’ll buy framed art. I paint right on the canvas with chalkboard paint. The canvas becomes the chalkboard.

A third type is flat wood. Sometimes I’ll get flat wood, cover it in chalkboard paint, and insert it into the back of a decorative frame.

Light up Halloween with a flameless candle

For this project, you only need five pieces: a board, some paint, a soup ladle, a flameless candle, and something to decorate it. I used a berry garland. The board I used here was a facing of a drawer from someone’s kitchen. They remodeled their kitchen and let me take all the wood. I dismantled the front of the drawer and saved it. I love being able to do wall decor like this where I can reuse something that would have gone to a landfill.

The first thing you need to do is paint the board. I used white paint. I did a light coat and after it was dry, I sanded most of it off.

I found this soup ladle at a garage sale. I drilled a hole into it to attach it to the wood. Kids would definitely need help to drill a hole in the ladle and attach it with a screw. If you don’t have a drill you can look for a ladle that already has a hole for hanging. Then you can do this with a screwdriver instead of a drill. I chose an off-white flameless candle because it will work just about any time of the year. You can use a little garland or decoration and it would be perfect any time of the year because the garland is just wrapped around the candle. You can change it out for any holiday or simply match your home decor.

ladle-spoon-repurpose-wall-decor-candles-fall halloween decorations
Light up Halloween with a flameless candle decoration.

Paint a pumpkin that stays fresh for years

This a good piece for people who like a rustic look for a farm house or country cottage theme. It’s old wood that came from my neighbor’s shed. The brown paint on the board was the original color of the shed. They were tearing down an old shed. I was able to take their wood and reuse it. I put the boards together and sanded it down. Then I painted the pumpkin on it and hot glued the rope to outline the pumpkin.

pumpkin-wood-sign-rope-harvest-restoration-illumination halloween decorations
Harvest a pumpkin that will last for years.

This is a good project to teach kids about repurposing. The way I got these materials was by reaching out to neighbors on Nextdoor. You can reach out on social media when you have needs. That way, you’re getting to know your neighbors and you’re also reminding them that there are people who can use stuff they no longer want, that they would otherwise throw away.

Most people are happy to give away things that are going to be hauled away as garbage. This a good learning opportunity to do with with your kids. It also helps them to realize that you don’t have to go out and spend money to do craft projects. You can get most of the materials for free while saving the environment at the same time.

I put this message out on Nextdoor letting my neighbors know that I’ll haul away old fence boards, shutters, cabinet doors and drawers.


I also use Craigslist to put out notices for things that I can repurpose such as shutters, doors and old fences.

These are all fun family-friendly ideas for Halloween decorations. Kids of all ages can enjoy these crafts. Plus it’s a great way to spend time together while creating unique homemade decorations that can last for years.

Having fun at Micky’s Halloween party at Disneyland

Tami Shidawara-Vazquez is a mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley. She considers herself a junker who loves shabby chic and French Cottage design. She also likes farmhouse style, especially for kitchens. She enjoys creating decorations that pull everything together. She loves holidays and creating custom decorations. She’d love to make a custom decoration for you. Contact her now to enquire about your own custom project.



Signs speak to everybody. I love painting and repurposing, so it’s the perfect combination for me. I can find materials that people are done with and don’t want to use anymore, like leftover pieces of wood from a construction site or an old fence. I can also make signs on lots of things such as: scrap wood, picture frames, shutters, wood blocks, cabinet doors, doors, windows or trays.

There’s a sign for everybody. I saw so many cute signs and I started thinking I can do that so why not, so I started making my own signs. There are a lot of things I like and I’d like to put them up on people’s walls to give them hope, laughter or inspiration.

Love signs

I did this sunshine sign because it reminds me of my boys. I wanted them to have something on their bedroom wall that had a positive message. They can see it and be reminded of how important they are, how beautiful they are and how they are my sunshine. It has a momma bird and a baby bird. I love to make signs for kids with positive messages. This sign is made on a piece of wood. I used a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutting machine to make this one.

Here’s a positive message for children to remind them how special they are.

Illustrated signs

This project was a quote for a customer. It has a special meaning for him. I got to do something that was different from the style I normally do. My client gave me the concept and some fonts he liked. I was able to put it all together. Doing a custom job is even more rewarding because it is personalized to the way they want it. I live in Silicon Valley. Hand painting a techie font that looks like a circuit board seemed perfect for this customer. I had to hand paint the body and all the letters. It was funky and different. I had a lot of fun doing it.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7
I painted this large tray as a custom project for a man cave. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Patriotic signs

This was a custom order for a Navy mom. It’s important for her to have this on her wall to show her pride for her son. The wood is part of an old crate used for shipping auto parts. I got some crates on Craigslist. It was listed that they were going to dispose of them. Since I love to keep things out of the landfill, I went and got the crates and took them apart so I could make signs and other wall decor.

It’s easy to turn crates into wall decor.

Encouraging signs

This was a custom order for an amazing woman who has been through a lot. This is a special and encouraging quote for her. This was a repurposed oil painting I found at a garage sale. It was a canvas with a fruit painting on a gold frame. I painted the frame white and antiqued it. Then I chalk painted the canvas and hand painted the quote. She hung it in her bedroom as a happy reminder for her to see every morning when she wakes up and every evening as a reminder before she goes to bed.

Add encouraging signs throughout your home to brighten up your days.

This is one of my favorite signs. I love these sorts of signs where, by changing colors, you can get a double message out of it. It says “Believe in Yourself” and “Be You.” I love using paper in my projects. These are pages out of a book. I like using this texture as a background. I often go to estate sales to buy books.  Sometimes this is the last chance for a book to be saved or repurposed before going to landfill. Although I hesitate to tear books apart, I’d rather repurpose them than let them go into a landfill. There’s also a third level to this message which is the pages of the book. The big words draw people in to read the pages in the book.

This is a great sign for an author or for someone who loves books.

Humorous signs

This is one of these humorous things I love to make because it makes people laugh. It brings a smile to their face and lightens up the day for them, which I love. This was a serving tray. I used chalkboard paint and chalkboard markers to hand write the saying. I bought the Rustoleum chalk paint from Home Depot. I punched holes through it with a hole puncher that can go through tin or metal. This is about 6″ x 10″, but you can make a sign on any size tray.

This would be great gift for anyone who loves chocolate and likes a good laugh.

I think this save water sign is funny. I did this when we were having a lot of drought issues in our area and there was a huge issue with saving water. I thought this was a great opportunity for this saying. It’s on a serving tray so I thought it was a perfect saying for it. I stenciled a crown image to the top as an artistic element. Not only is this a sign that conveys a message, it’s also a practical sign that can be used as a serving tray.

I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint on this tray and the black is a craft acrylic paint. This is great for people who host get-togethers.

This is a great gift for anyone who likes champagne or likes to have a good laugh.

Functional signs

This is one I do where people stop and laugh and they think it’s cute. It’s also great because it’s very functional. I did this because my son is always losing his socks. It’s a great place to keep one sock until we find the other one. He often takes one sock off and throws it in miscellaneous places. I have this hanging in my laundry room. This could also be in a child’s bedroom as a waiting place for the found socks. This could be good gift for a new mom, or for a college student as a going-away present.

This is a great sign for anyone who does laundry or loses socks.

Residence signs

I made this sign to welcome winter and to welcome people to a home. I love snowmen because they’re so cute. I stenciled the welcome letters and then hand painted the snowman.

Here’s a sign to welcome your guests and the change of seasons.

This is a fun name sign for your home. This is a great fit for anyone who would like to have their last name displayed on a wall. This is a great wedding present showing the date or year of a marriage.

This was a special order for someone who was recently married. She wanted to have her new last name on a sign. I used some scrap wood and put it together. I painted it, sanded it down distressed it to make it look old.

This is a perfect gift because it’s personalized and you won’t find it in a store. You won’t have to worry that someone else gets the same gift. It will be unique and they’ll probably love it because you put a lot of thought into it and created a one-of a kind gift just for them. I can custom make address or house number signs for your mailbox, front door or entry. Contact Restoration Illumination to place a custom order sign for your home.

Restoration Illumination can turn your last name into a work of art.

Back yard signs

I’m very much in love with the farm house style and any vintage signs or farm style signs. This is one of my favorite ones. I used an old board. I painted it and stenciled FRESH EGGS on it. Then I sanded it to make it look old.

The best compliment I get is when someone says it looks so old. I say I just made it. Then they find it hard to believe that I just recently made it.

You can use this in a kitchen or over a mantle in a loving room or family room. You can put it in a hallway or on your patio or use it as back yard art. I see a lot of people who decorate their fences. You could hang it on your fence in a back yard. This is a perfect sign for anyone who’s into farm house style or country cottage.

This farm house sign is a great gift for someone who has chickens or loves eggs.

Chalkboard Signs

I love to make chalkboard signs. This is one of my favorite things to do. This is a repurposed cabinet door from a kitchen that was being remodeled. Most of the time contractors throw away old cabinet doors. Whenever I’m lucky enough to get a hold of these pieces before they go to landfills, I’ll make something of them like a chalkboard or a sign. I used chalkboard paint on the inside for writing special messages.

You can do a shopping list, leave a message or make a quote. On the top I added a wood crown appliqué. I’ve also done them with angels. There are lots of things you can add to give it a little extra style. I’m very big on keeping things out of landfills so this is a rewarding project for me.

9 Ideas to Repurpose Junk Into Treasure


This old cabinet door has a perfect style with a ready-made frame. It makes for a perfect layout for doing a chalkboard.

Signs for Pet Lovers

I’m a dog lover, so I thought this was really cute to have a place to hang your leash and have a jar for biscuits for rewards when they go out or baggies for clean up. Its a clean sign with just a paw print. It’s easy to identify. I love the hook for the leash and it doesn’t take up much space on the wall so it could be next to the door as you go out or in a mud room, in the garage or wherever you go out with your dog.

I have dog and cat signs. I have friends that walk their cats on a leash. The cat signs are basically the same, but the paw print is different. The jar can be removed for cleaning.

This would make a great fit for anyone with a pet such as: dog lovers, cat lovers or a forgetful pet-lover who’s always searching for the leash.

Seasonal signs

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays in our household. We decorate with family-friendly things. These TRICK and TREAT signs were a special order for someone. They wanted something tall to go near their door. I had some wood that someone wasn’t able to use at a construction site because it was warped, but it was perfect for these signs.

The little Frankenstein, the ghost, and the jack-o-lantern were little blocks from a long 2×4 board. I cut them down and painted them orange, white and green. Then I used a paint marker to draw out the faces. The 31 sign is something that one of my customer’s saw on Pinterest. I cut down another board. It was really easy. I painted it white and then wrote 31 and painted the spider. It says OCTOBER inside the 3 of 31. These kinds of things are great for people who don’t want the typical mass produced decorations you get a store. If you’re looking for something that’s custom, unique and repurposed, contact Restoration Illumination.

This is a way to welcome little trick or treaters who are out that night or neighbors and friends who come to your home during October to make it look more inviting.

Holiday signs

I love little tags. They’re the sort of thing you’d find at a boutique. I like these because they look like little hanging ornaments, but they can also be used as a mantle display or on a table.They’re pretty big wood blocks, about 6″ tall and about 2″ wide. I was trying to find a way to repurpose scraps of wood that were too small for signs. I thought these would be a cute idea for decorations. They can stand on their own. Sometimes people call me and ask me to recreate these. I can use wood blocks and add ribbon or other decorations.

These are great for anyone who decorates for the holiday season. You can make Easter ones or Valentine’s ones. But they don’t have to be for a specific holiday.

You can make these rustic wood blocks with any of your favorite words or pictures.

Inspirational signs

I love doing scriptures that can inspire or encourage people and help spread the word. I believe in Jesus. Through my art I can spread the word. I love positive and encouraging messages. This is a frame that I got at a garage sale. The frame was beautiful. I loved it. This is one of those pieces of art that I was sad to let go. I wanted to keep it for myself, but I can’t keep everything I do. The point is that I want to spread a message. I have many scriptures that I really love and this is one of them. I chose this so someone could put this on a wall and be reminded of this every day.

On this sign, I used a Craft Smart chalk marker from Michaels.

Whether it’s a scripture or a favorite quote you can look at in any room of the home, your kitchen or living room or bedroom. If you have a special message, or one for a friend, I can make a custom sign just for you.

The more positive messages you can have every day, the better. Surround yourself with positive energy signs.

Wedding signs

I love doing wedding decor. There are so many things you can do. This was a cute idea for a wedding where people are invited to leave the bride and groom a special wish on a little tag and drop it in the wishing well bucket. I found an old bucket then painted and distressed it. Then I wrote on it and added the heart and scroll.

I can make most any kind of custom project such as: signs, chalkboards, frames, doors, or table center pieces. If you see something on Pinterest I can usually recreate it, garlands, banners, wreaths, chair signs, favors, and just about anything else you might for your wedding or shower. I love doing wedding stuff. I’m happy to build Pinterest boards and go over ideas. It’s so much fun for me. I think I get more excited than the bride when I do consultations.

Custom wedding projects are a great way to create a memory that you can keep and look back on your special day for years to come.

I love this cowbell sign because most people tap on their champagne glasses for the bride and groom to kiss. But this is different. If guests want the bride and groom to kiss, guests can ring the bell. It’s perfect for a rustic wedding. What a fun item to have. I drove from one end of Texas to another looking for cowbells. I thought I’d come back with a ton of them, but they’re not as easy to find as you think. I ended with only three cowbells. They are fun to decorate. “Ring for a Kiss.” is such a cute saying. I like cowbells because they’re fun and unique. They’re not your typical wood sign.

Cow bells are something you guests can hold and ring while having lots of fun. They make a lot of noise. It’s a unique media for a sign.

I used scrapwood to make this sign. I wanted to put this up on a wall. This sign can be used any time of the year. It would be nice at weddings and, of course, it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Signs are fun. I love signs because you can make them appeal to anybody depending on what they like. If you have a favorite quote, you can hang it on a wall to enjoy every day. Or you can do something funny to make someone smile. A simple sign can give you motivation, laughter or a spiritual lift.

I love to do signs for events. You can contact me for any event. I can do signs on wood and on all sorts of different media. If you see something on Pinterest or a picture of a sign that you want done, send it to me and I’ll be happy to make it for you.


If you’d like to place an order for a custom sign, it’s helpful to have at least two weeks notice so we have some time for a consultation. But I can usually accommodate rush orders if you’re have a last-minute project. It’s best if you have some sort of image that you’ve seen that you can send me. That way I have a good idea of what you’re looking for. It’s also helpful to know the size you need and where it’s going to be displayed, whether it’s going to be hanging on a wall, a tree or displayed on a stand. Contact us to enquire about a custom order.


Tami Shidawara-Vazquez is a mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley. She considers herself a junker who loves shabby chic and French Cottage design. She also likes farmhouse style, especially for kitchens. She enjoys creating decorations that pull everything together.